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Key Reasons to Purchase a Halo II

Key Reasons to Purchase a Halo II

When it comes to value for your purchase, Hyosung Halo II offers one of the best options on the market today. The machine looks far better than average with a modern, sleek design that will catch eyes. It’s a member of the Nautilus Hyosung family, and its new iteration includes a UL 291 business hours safe, a PCI 3.0 compliant keypad, an EMV card reader, and secure communications using a TLS transmission encryption.  

Halo II is widely regarded as one of the best ATMs on the market for retail applications of all kinds. It bridges the gap between the best features and a reasonable price with an innovative design that isn’t seen on every street corner. With environmentally friendly features and new design options, it’s no surprise that people have great things to say about the ATM. 


Hyosung Halo II Specifications 


51.9 Inches 


15.7 Inches 


23.4 Inches 


265 Pounds 

Temperature Range 

32-104 Degrees Fahrenheit 

Humidity Range 



Reasons to Buy the Halo II ATM  

With so many retail ATMs on the market, understanding what makes the Halo II stand out is crucial. The Halo has several things in its favor - the first is the unique design that can make your retail location stand out, whether it’s a simple mom and pop store or somewhere more upscale and high-end. 

The keypad offers color LED lighting that you can customize to fit your needs. This can drive additional foot traffic, which will add a significant number of transactions to help increase the money that flows to customers. 

This ATM has an intuitive interface on a 10.1-inch color LCD screen. The keypad, screen interface, and cash exit have all been positioned in a way to offer optimal access and visibility to anyone in the area. It has a high uptime when it comes to dispensing cash, so you don’t miss out on revenue.  

Many different energy-saving features and long-lasting parts are used on Halo II as a way to avoid unnecessary impact on the environment. The pieces are compatible with other Nautilus Hyosung retail ATMs to save money and protect your investment. The ATM also allows users the option to choose not to print a receipt or to receive a QR-coded receipt instead of a paper one.  

Halo II uses the newly enhanced Nautilus Hyosung retail application, which offers additional options to your customers. Further revenue can be provided through donations, dynamic currency conversion, lottery, and surcharges. It also provides the potential to use NFC features for cash withdrawals without the use of a card.  

Who is the Halo II Designed For 

The Halo II is an ATM marketed toward retail establishments, but it might fit in better at some locations than others. The environmental friendliness of the machine makes it ideal for any company that is working to create a greener planet. It also works well for retail businesses who want the chance to use less expensive replacement parts since components are interchangeable with other Nautilus machines. 

The inclusion of a large touchscreen and the gorgeous silver color of the ATM is also eye-catching, making this ideal for a location where you need to stand out. It can fit into your design scheme if the stainless steel is already present or add a splash of modern design in other locations. It doesn’t go so far overboard that it isn’t clear what the machine is, but it will stand out in situations where that is a positive.  

If you aren’t interested in a lot of maintenance or upkeep, this machine will also meet your needs. It has an operator menu program that makes it simple to service or operate the machine, whether the person is doing it for the first time or the thousandth. It incorporates modular architecture designed for top accessibility, high reliability, and quick service.  

All in all, this retail ATM is made for a more beautiful retail store or a high-end establishment that can benefit from the new design. It has a front plate made of metal to prevent break-ins, as well as a top that prevents spills if used in a restaurant or a nightclub. It has a taller frame than the original with additional welding and reinforced metal in specific areas.  

Make a Retail ATM Purchase 

There are many reasons to choose to buy a Halo II ATM. It boasts modern ATM technology, includes environmentally friendly features, and has been proven to be very reliable. It makes an excellent choice for an upscale retail establishment and is simple and easy for customers to use. 


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