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Genmega Onyx W - A Wall Mounted Solution For Your Business Needs

Genmega Onyx W - A Wall Mounted Solution For Your Business Needs

When you’re looking for the best ATM services on the market, Genmega is a company that will come up again and again. The manufacturer offers everything from traditional ATMs that provide the necessary features you might need up to high-tech offerings with unique components and special features that you don’t see every day. 

The Genmega Onyx W ATM is unique due to the fact that it is created to offer some of the top features while only taking up a small space. Because of the design, it can be used as a countertop ATM, or it can be installed and mounted on the wall. It all comes down to your preferences and which installation type works best for your needs. 

As with other choices you have when you buy a Genmega ATM, this model has several features to ensure convenience to your customers. You can take a look at the specifications below, and then we’ll talk more about what’s inside this powerful device and what it can offer your business.  

Specifications of the Genmega Onyx W ATM  


19.7 Inches 


26.8 Inches 


10.4 Inches 


121 Pounds 

What You Get When You Buy a Genmega ATM 


The first thing you will notice with this ATM is its sleek and modern design that is primarily made up of the color black. The ATM offers a high resolution 10.1 inch LED screen with a 1280 x 800 resolution. The display can be outfitted with customized ads so you can market products and services. It also features a total of eight lighted touch function keys. 

The top of the ATM has an integrated LED sign that offers high visibility to bring in customers who may become regulars. It has a 16-key alphanumeric keypad with LED illumination that is PCI 3.0 certified for encryption. The buttons are easy to see and use. They also stand out, since they are set in a different color than the rest of the device.  

For those who need ADA assistance, this device from Genmega has a host of options to help with its operation. The first is voice guidance, which can talk a customer through their transaction at the ATM. The second is lighted transaction guidance, which makes it easier to use for those with vision issues. It also has an accessible keypad layout for convenience. 

The components inside this device include a Cortex A8 CPU, 256MB of SRAM memory, and 512MB of flash memory. It runs on Windows CE 6.0, which is a common choice for ATMs similar to this one. It features a standard 56mm printer that will likely take the tape you already have at your place of business. 

The card reader with this machine is an EMV dip-type reader, and it communicates using a 56K dial-up modem or TCP/IP ethernet with onboard SSL. You can choose from a 1,000 or 2,000 note capacity for the machine based on your needs and current budget.   

Who the Genmega Onyx W is Designed For 

While the Onyx W is an excellent choice for any establishment that needs an ATM, it works exceptionally well for business and store owners who have very little space. The machine is just under 20 inches high, 27 inches wide, and 11 inches deep. The aforementioned is a great deal smaller than a typical ATM that might be twice that size. Whether you place it on the wall or a counter, it won’t be overbearing and will fit in with your business. 

Here, the ATM is easy to use for customers and offers security features that you may be looking for in your use-case. It comes with an electronic lock, an A-series lock, and a Cencon lock so you can be sure it is secure, and nobody is getting inside of it without your permission. The Genmega Onyx W can give you peace of mind that the new ATM is going to last, something that Genmega takes seriously.   

Whether you have been running a small business for a while or are just opening it, you want to ensure that it thrives. This machine, with advertising options and beautiful design, can help promote your business to bring in new customers. You can choose to rent or buy an ATM and keep it serviced yourself or get ATM services through your vendor. 

Onyx W - A Wall Mounted Solution


Purchase the Perfect ATM for Your Business Now 

If you are looking for a way to make your business stand out in a competitive environment, the Genmega Onyx W might be your ticket to the fast lane. It comes at a reasonable price for everything it offers you and will fit into nearly any space you want it to go. Add a business logo or marketing message, and you can watch as customers come in to do business with you. 



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