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Features Available For the Hantle 1700W ATM Machine

Features Available For the Hantle 1700W ATM Machine

 Buying a retail ATM doesn’t have to leave you with an empty bank account. In fact, you can get the best features known in ATM technology at a reasonable price if you know what you’re looking for. No matter what kind of ATM services you want to provide, choosing to buy a Hantle ATM can give you what you want at a reasonable price. 


You can get an idea of what Hantle is striving for when you read their tagline: “Tomorrow’s Technology for Today’s Market.” The manufacturer is continually looking for ways to improve retail ATMs to meet the needs of your customers. The Hantle 1700W is an excellent example of how the manufacturer is making this a reality for businesses just like your own. 


This is a reasonably simple, understated model that looks good while passing on advertisements for your business to whoever uses it. It can display up to eight custom graphics loaded onto the SD memory card or loaded remotely through the included software. You can cycle through them to give users something new to look at when using the ATM. 

Specifications of the Hantle 1700W 



56 Inches 


17 Inches 


23 Inches 


206 Pounds 

Temperature Range 

40 to 95 Degrees Fahrenheit 

Relative Humidity 

15-85% Non-Condensing 


Features to Expect When You Buy a Hantle ATM 


When you buy a Hantle 1700W, you are getting high performance combined with fantastic value in a design that you can count on. This ATM offers high-end features like a seven-inch high-resolution LCD color screen (which supports customer advertisements) with an 800x480 WVGA resolution. It also communicates through either integrated SSL ethernet or a 56K modem. 


The platform used for the 1700W is modular, so you can build on it when needed. It’s made to be flexible and robust, which means it can handle the needs of a small business or that of a more significant company that has more foot traffic. One of the best things about this ATM is that it comes with the most modern technology. It also operates like an ATM that is simple to service and install so you can get going quickly. 


Coming right out of the box, the ATM is ADA and TDES compliant with lighted action indicators, an encrypting Interac/VISA/PCI PIN pad, and a voice-assisted guidance system. It offers a lighted keypad that can be used in any environment by your customers. It also has a reasonable size that will fit into most spaces where you might want a new ATM. 


For extra visibility, the Hantle ATM has an illuminated topper integrated into it. This can bring in additional customers since the ATM is more natural to notice. A high-brightness topper is also an optional choice you can make when purchasing this ATM. This increases the visibility of the machine and makes it more likely that customers visit. 


The CPU used in the 1700W is an 8,000Mhz Cortex A8, and it operates on Windows CE 6.0. It has 256MB of SRAM memory and 512MB of flash memory. It features a magnetic, manual insert card reader, or you can upgrade to an EMV card reader. Another upgrade possible is adding a GenLink cellular modem for faster communication. 


Who the 1700W Was Created For 


The Hantle 1700W is the ideal option for a retail business, even a small one that needs a single ATM for its location. It has a classic design and offers the most sought-after features rather than adding a lot of extras and asking for a higher price like some manufacturers might. 


Security matters with any ATM, and when you buy a Hantle ATM, you get a high degree of peace of mind. It comes standard with a UL 291 business hour listed electronic lock, and a Cencon lock can be added as an additional security feature. This ensures the only hands that get into the ATM are ones that are supposed to be there. 


In addition to that, you can choose the note capacity of the machine you buy. If you only need a small capacity of 1,000 notes, you’ll spend less than if you purchase a 1700W with a 2,000, 4,000, or 8,000 model. On the other hand, you can pay a bit more for a larger capacity if that’s something your location needs. It all comes down to your business, your traffic, and what kind of expectations you have for the ATM use. 


Buy the Hantle 1700W Today


The Hantle 1700W could be the right choice for your retail establishment if you want something simple to use and inexpensive to purchase. It goes beyond a traditional ATM through the integrated topper to bring people to your business to use it. With the security features you need for peace of mind, it could give you precisely what you’ve been searching for. 




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