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Genmega G6000 is an ATM with a Side-Car Chassis & More Flexibility

Genmega G6000 is an ATM with a Side-Car Chassis & More Flexibility

If you’re in the process of making a retail ATM purchase, understanding what sets each ATM apart is a crucial part of the process. Some ATMs are designed in order to offer secure mobile payments; others have the distinction of providing a unique feature that is uncommon to other machines. Knowing what you want from an ATM will help you find the device that fits your needs and budget well. 

The Genmega G6000 ATM is considered by many to be the best ATM the manufacturer has pushed to the market. The main thing that this ATM brings to the table is the ability for you to maximize your revenue while offering self-service solutions to your customers. That means you’re happy and your customers are satisfied, which will keep them coming back time and time again.  

Genmega is a well-known brand that offers extras you may not see elsewhere. The company provides training programs and certifications on the service and maintenance of their full line of ATMs. This is an innovative brand that works to create modern ATMs that can fill a need in your company. 

Specifications of the Genmega G6000 ATM 


56.0 Inches 


18.1 Inches 


24.1 Inches 


320 Pounds 

This ATM comes with a 
side-car chassis, which we’ll explore in-depth below. However, it’s relevant to be aware of its specifications to be sure it will fit your needs. 

Specifications of the Genmega G6000 Side-Car Chassis  


55.6 Inches 


11.8 Inches 


23.2 Inches 


 150 Pounds with no devices 

What You Can Expect From This Genmega ATM  

As we mentioned, the idea behind this machine is offering a self-service solution for your customers that will bring them to your location, no matter where it happens to be. It features a customer-friendly form with round edges and a glossy silver surface that is pleasant to the eyes. It offers typical ATM functionality but with more powerful devices and components.  

This Genmega G6000 features a customized graphic insert with a high-brightness topper. You can also swap that out for an optional video topper or a topper sign if you prefer. It has an LED display that is 15 inches, which offers a 1024 x 768 XVGA resolution. There is a printer that creates 80mm thermal receipts with 40 characters on each line, and the PIN entry has a 16-key alphanumeric keypad that is PCI 3.0, and Interac certified.  

It uses an Intel ATOM N2550 processor, boasts Windows 7 Professional, and offers 500GB of hard disk space. It is also ADA accessible with an accessible keypad layout, voice guidance, and lighted action indicators. The machine comes with a DIP type card reader, but you can optionally add an EMV magnetic card reader. 

If you have security concerns regarding the purchase of an ATM, this model will take care of them. It has a UL291 business hours vault, includes a LaGard electronic lock, and offers a level 1 vault. Those who want additional security can also choose an optional Kaba Mas Cencon series lock to be added to the machine. 

What makes this ATM different from all the rest is the side-car chassis that matches it. This device was created to make it simpler to integrate additional accessories to your ATM. The peripheral options available with the chassis include a lighted action indicator LED, a check scanner, cassettes with capacity for 500 and 1,000 bill notes, and a digital security camera.  

CM Genmega G6000

Who the ATM is Best For 

This model of ATM is ideal for anyone who is operating a retail establishment who wants more flexibility with their ATM solution. Since you can add on the side-car chassis, it creates the option to upgrade and update the machine as needed when you have the budget to do so.  

It also features an enormous LCD scream and the latest version of Microsoft Windows, which will appeal to your customers. It’s convenient and straightforward to use so people in a hurry can stop in to do their business and then quickly move on to do the other tasks ahead of them.   

The Genmega G6000 comes at a reasonable price for everything that it offers. The inclusion of several high-end features makes it higher quality than the average ATM that you see at any corner store. Budget-minded individuals will appreciate the option to add components down the line as they become needed. 

Make a Retail ATM Purchase Today 

When making a retail ATM purchase, you want a machine that offers self-service mobile payment options for your customers. In that case, this Genmega option is one of the best you will find. It comes from a manufacturer trusted by many businesses and could be the perfect solution for your own operation. 


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