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What You Need to Know About the Hyosung Force 2800 SE

Hyosung Force 2800SE Data Sheet

Hyosung is a well-known name in the ATM world, and its Force 2800 SE machine is one of the most often requested products? The company has a dedication to creating technology that works for everyone by providing intuitive solutions that work better than other manufacturers. All of the ATMs, support systems for the ATMs, and services that come with the ATMs are created to be flexible and reliable. 

Innovation can easily be found through the Force 2800 SE. This aesthetically pleasing ATM would look equally at home in an upscale financial institution as it would a smaller retail store. It comes with a wide variety of features and a compact design that customers will appreciate just as much as you will.


Specifications of the Force 2800 SE 



56.4 Inches 


15.7 Inches 


23 Inches 


286.6 Pounds 

Temperature Range 

32-104 Degrees Fahrenheit 

Humidity Range 




Why Choose the Force Over ATM Rental

There are a lot of features that make the Force 2800 SE stand out when you choose it as your ATM placement option. The first is that the user experience is king in the creation of this ATM. It has a large 12.1-inch color display that will stand out no matter where you put it. The screen has an elegant user interface with capacitive touch functions that are easy to use. 

It also has an integrated topper that offers brightness controls so you can switch between low, medium, and high light. If can be customized for any environment, whether it’s a bright place like a convenience store or a darker area like a nightclub. In addition to that, it offers arrows on the receipt and card slots to guide customers to them with ease. 

Serviceability is another point that matters when choosing the right ATM, and Hyosung has considered that. There is a light in the vault, so there’s no need to shine a flashlight to work inside the unit. This updated Force ATM also has four power cord holes so you can place the ATM wherever you like, even if that’s pressed up against the back wall. It also has extra bolt holes to replace an existing ATM easily. 

Not all ATMs offer wireless connectivity, but the best ones do, and the Hyosung Force 2800 SE is no exception. It has a wireless mountain bracket and two special power outlets that fit a wireless modem as well as another device, such as a video topper, to advertise your brand. The bracket keeps cables out of the way, so changing receipt paper and getting into the ATM is a breeze. 

This ATM uses the Windows CE 6.0 platform and includes a dip hybrid card reader that is EMV level one and two compliant. It can also have an anti-skimming card reader added to it for additional security for your customers. Extra features include a speaker, an audio jack, and a lead-through indicator. An NFC reader can be added as an option. 

Who the Hyosung Force is Best For? 

The Force 2800 SE is a great ATM for many environments but excels in retail environments. It stands out courtesy of the innovative design and the extra features you won’t find on other ATMs. Anywhere you want more than just an ATM with a traditional look; the Force SE is going to offer the unique flair that draws people’s eyes to it.   

While you might expect an ATM with all these features to be overly expensive, that isn’t the case with this offering from Hyosung. It isn’t much more expensive than the ATMs on the market that have an older design and feature set. If having modern features and a great look matters, this is the right ATM for your needs.   

This ATM also has a great set of security features, including an option camera. It can take photos of those who make transactions and store them with the record. The camera view can also be shown to the user to make it less likely someone tries to misuse the machine.  

With the inclusion of an extra camera mount, you can also add a third-party camera to make the ATM even more secure. The 2800 SE also has an EPP privacy shield and comes with a UL 291 business hours safe and an electronic combination lock. 

Buy a Force 2800 SE 

If you’re excited about all the features of the Force 2800 SE and want it for your next ATM placement, you really cannot go wrong. Choose from a 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, or 6,000 note capacity depending on your needs and add any optional features you want. You can be sure you’ll stand out through the design of the machine, and the added camera will prevent anyone from causing trouble with it. 


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