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How Quickly Do I Get Paid If I Process the Transactions through MOBILEMONEY?

How Quickly Do I Get Paid If I Process the Transactions through MOBILEMONEY?

When you think about installing an ATM machine at your business location, the first questions that come to your mind is what benefits you would get. However, we mentioned earlier that upon installing an ATM machine at your retail store or casino, you get myriads of advantages, from increased foot traffic to customer retention. Also, you earn additional profits by charging an extra fee for providing your customers with convenient and instant access to cash.

However, once you install a cash machine at your place, the next thing you are likely to worry about is how instantly you can receive the surcharge amount for the transactions from ATM providers. If that’s the case, we are here to answer your query.

Getting Paid through ATM

Believe it or not, the amazing benefit that comes with installing an ATM is you earn extra amount for every transaction your customers make through your device. Well, this way, you can boost your profit margins. The more transactions, the higher the profit!

However, it’s essential to ensure you don’t keep the surcharge amount too high, or you might drive away potential customers from your store. Instead, they will rush to the nearest ATM to save on the fee.

While every ATM provider pays its operators a different surcharge amount, which you will receive once a month based on the number of transactions that occur during the period prior. If you decide to go through MOBILEMONEY, you'll find a dependable and resourceful ally in this process. However, it’s important to mention here that other processors may have different payment protocol.

Processing Transactions

When it comes to choosing a reliable ATM brand, you have to consider several factors, such as if the machine you’re purchasing is of top quality. Also, you need to look for extra services for the transactions made through your device. Well, there is no doubt that these are some of the crucial things that you shouldn’t overlook.

That said, it’s highly crucial for you to choose an ATM provider that provides you with an ATM unit that best suits your business requirements along with impeccable maintenance and operating services. In that case, MOBILEMONEY is the best option. You will be amazed to know that processing through their ATMs offers you plenty of benefits.


If the ATM owner has purchased their ATM and is supplying the cash, they will get their money deposited into their account within 24 hours; except on Sundays (when no deposits are made).

Processing through MOBILEMONEY has a series of advantages, in that we can allow you to provide the funds for the ATM or we can provide the funds with our MOBILETRANSIT armored car service. We can also provide maintenance of the machines, to ensure that they are running smoothly, as well as monitoring of the machines through our software and 24/7 monitoring.

If, however, the ATM is placed at a location then the business will get paid by the 20th of every month (unless it is a banking holiday, then it will be the following business).

For instance, they offer 24/7 service for refilling your machine with the required amount of cash. Not only this, MOBILEMONEY delivers the money in an armored truck to prevent any risk of robbery during transit.

Since ATM machines run on software, any glitch can disrupt the function. Not to mention, this not only creates a hassle for the coming customers but can also create a negative impact on your business reputation. Therefore, it’s incredibly imperative to ensure your ATM machine is under 24/7 surveillance and the provider resolves any glitch or malfunctioning within a day.

The excellent news is MOBILEMONEY monitors your ATM machine through their high-tech system while ensuring your device runs smoothly. Also, they usually identify the errors prior to malfunctioning and put their best efforts to make your machine secure using their software.

However, in case your machine stops functioning, their highly skilled and trained team fixes the issue without delay. Furthermore, MOBILEMONEY offers proactive maintenance services that make them stand out among the industry.

The Bottom Line

Whether you install an ATM machine at a retail store, hotel lobby, or casino, once the device is at your business location, you will receive all the services agreed upon instantly. Last, but not the least, if you’re looking for an ATM provider that offers best transaction process, look no further than MOBILEMONEY.

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