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How Do Cassettes Work?

How Do Cassettes Work?

One of the most confusing aspects of ATM Machines is how their cassettes work.


We've gone ahead and put together some quick bits of information to cover what you need to know about the ATM Machine or Ticket Redemption Kiosk Cassettes.


How Do Cassettes Work that Hold the Cash?
- Do I need Extra if I am Loading My Own Cash?

The Cassettes are very important because this is what holds the cash. You will be purchasing your cassette based off of the amount of cash you would like to dispense in between serving the device.


For Hyosung Devices

  • 1k - 1000 note capacity
  • 2k - 1800 note capacity
  • 4k - 3600 note capacity
  • 6k - 5400 note capacity


For Tranax & Genmega Devices

  • 1k - 1000 note capacity
  • 2k - 1700 note capacity
  • 4k - 3400 note capacity
  • 6k - 5100 note capacity
  • 8k - 6800 note capacity


When Ordering Your ATM Machine, keep in mind that the CASSETTES are going to dictate the amount of cash that you can keep in your machine at one time. This matters in the long run, because you will need to set up service appointments based on when your ATM machine is going to run out of funds; and the frequency that visitors to your atm pull out those funds. 




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