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What Happens If The Machine Can't Pay Out - Or Partial Payment Occurs?

What Happens If The Machine Can't Pay Out - Or Partial Payment Occurs?

What happens if the ATM Machine Doesn't Pay Out?

Here is a rare but frustrating experience. What happens in the event that the ATM doesn't have the cash to pay your user out, or if the ATM acts as though it did pay your user out, but the cash was never dispensed?

In the event that the machine cannot pay out, there is something that might occur called a REVERSAL. This is where the funds are sent back to the bank in a reversal of the transaction. You will see this on your bank record. 


The Reversal

When a reversal occurs, your bank should have those funds back into the account within a brief amount of time. You'll notice the reversal on your bank records. If you do not, the first transaction might not have been paid out by your bank, and they would have kept the funds within your account on hold. Once the reversal occurs, the hold should be removed and these funds should be released. 

Check Your Bank Records

It is recommended that the user check their bank records. If in fact your bank or credit institution did pay out the funds, and the ATM Machine failed to deliver your user the cash, then he or she can file a dispute with the bank. 


Filing a Dispute with the Bank

Louise Balle from writes a great step by step guide to filing a dispute with your bank. You can read it right here: How to Dispute an ATM Withdrawal

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