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Here are the Real Benefits of Owning or Leasing an ATM

Here are the Real Benefits of Owning or Leasing an ATM

Owning an ATM at any business has a multitude of benefits. While most businesses think that buying an ATM will not make much of a difference, owning or leasing an ATM can bring with it a slew of benefits. ATMs are a modern-day necessity, and almost everyone uses them. They are convenient, and they can offer more diversity to customers in how they would like to pay. But if businesses still do not see the benefits of an ATM in their business, here are some that can prove to be convincing.


Here are the Real Benefits of Owning / Leasing an ATM 

  • An Additional Income Stream

Starting off with the most apparent interest, businesses that have their own ATMs have an extra stream of income. People use ATMs very often, seeing how cash is a much more preferable way of paying for their goods. And these ATMs always have their own surcharges that businesses can take advantage of. However, since companies are always looking to maximize their profits, ATM machines can be a great help for them. If businesses enlist in a free ATM program, the ATM provider will handle everything from maintenance to cash restocking. 

  • More Sales and More Revenue  

    Various studies have shown that 80% of people who take out cash from an ATM tend to spend it at the shop where they use the ATM. So, if supermarkets or restaurants were to get ATMs, they would likely see a massive boost in their sales. Besides, getting cash on day-to-day transactions is always much more preferable for businesses, making an ATM quite a welcome addition to their businesses.  

    • More Traffic At Store 

    Small businesses like gas stations can especially benefit from an ATM at their store. People who stop by the shop to take out cash might be inclined to buy something as a small courtesy. Besides courteousness, people will often buy something in order to get change, which will make them spend money at the shop. Businesses can find a massive increase in potential customers with the inclusion of an ATM. 

    • Customizable Contracts 

    Companies that offer ATMs for purchase and lease provide a wide range of buying options to see whether or not an ATM is the right choice for the business. Companies like these also offer rentals, which allow businesses to rent the ATM to see if it benefits their business. And if the business sees that the ATM is bringing in more sales and traffic, they can move to lease or buying the ATM. But if they don’t want it, they can simply return the ATM. These companies also offer free placement programs that give businesses a free ATM with the company taking care of everything else. 

    • More Tangible Transactions 

    Another great benefit of having ATMs for a business is that customers will pay more in cash. Although credit and debit card payments are more convenient for customers, they can be very inconvenient for business. Companies will always prefer more tangible transactions, i.e., transactions in cash. And the only way to ensure that customers pay more with cash is to get an ATM machine in the shop. 

    ATM Placement

    Lease an ATM through our ATM Placement program

    One of the options available for you if the foot traffic meets the requirements and you are approved for our ATM Placement program is having an ATM Placed at your business.

    MOBILEMONEY would retain ownership of the machine, and we would service this ATM. This way your entry into the market is very low.

    If ATM Placement is attractive to you, please fill out this form and a Sales Representative will get back with you to answer your questions and go over the details. 


    ATMs have very much become a modern-day necessity, as people have become more dependent on it to get cash. For a business looking to provide this facility to its customers, MobileMoney just might be the right solution. With over 20 years worth of experience in their respective field, Mobile Money offers its customers with the best customer support and even better packages and deals. 

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