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ATM SetUp - How Long Does it Take?

ATM SetUp - How Long Does it Take?

If you have decided to install an ATM at your business location, the very next thing that will come to your mind is whether you will have to install it yourself or have the professionals install it for you. Also, while you have plenty of business-related things to manage, you will be wondering how long it would take to set up the ATM unit.

Moreover, that is not the end; you may also think about operating it after the purchase. If you’re considering these factors, we have got you covered.
Here we will guide you through the process of ATM installation to help you develop a clear idea of what the process will include.

Installation of an ATM Machine

You will be surprised to know that the installation of an ATM is quite simple. First and foremost, you will need to choose the right spot for your automated teller machine. Make sure to select the right location, where passersby can easily spot it. Consequently, it will drive more foot traffic to your place, increasing your profit.

Not only this, but security concerns should also be considered when installing an ATM. Make sure to choose the location that is not near any large window, door, or external access point. In fact, an ATM should be placed with a back wall.

However, no matter which spot you choose to place your ATM, do consider a few factors before installing it. The first essential step is ensuring that the spot has proper communication network lines and a standard electrical outlet.

In case you’re using TCP/IP connection for your ATM, make sure that the connection is correctly established with a computer with no security firewalls, or else it will prevent communication with the processor.

Other than this, ensure that there is enough space around your ATM so that customers can easily use it to make transactions. Moreover, this way, you will not have to experience any trouble while loading, maintaining, or operating your cash machine.


Stop Watch Marking Time

Does it take Long to Fill a Cash Machine?

Once you have an ATM installed at your business place, the next thing you probably worry about is loading cash in the machine. While talking to hundreds of ATM operators we came across, we realized that one of the most significant push backs for business owners in installing an ATM is that the machine takes too much time in loading cash.

We completely agree that it’s absolutely right! However, what if we say that you don’t need to worry about it anymore? You will be amazed to know that MOBILEMONEY is going to overcome this nuisance! Our ATM units are integrated with the latest software that has made monitoring easy.

If you sign their Proactive Maintenance agreement, they will ensure that your ATM doesn’t run out of cash beforehand. Furthermore, loading your ATM will be their responsibility. While using their service, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the plenty of benefits that come with installing an ATM at your business location.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to determining the time it will take you to install and operate an ATM with MOBILEMONEY; it ultimately depends on you. However, there is no doubt that with their experienced staff, they offer instant service that you will enjoy.

They will set up an ATM and can operate it right away upon your request by powering on the latest software. So, if you have got all your answers, it’s time to reach out MOBILEMONEY to purchase an ATM that perfectly suits your business needs.
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