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The Gencam Camera Upgrade

The Gencam Camera Upgrade

Whether you have an ATM installed at your hotel lobby, retail store, or casino, you will agree that ATM business provides you with myriads of benefits, no matter which industry you are in. However, there is no doubt that AMT security can be compromised anywhere and anytime. Therefore, it is imperative to adopt effective ways to ensure the security of your cash machine.

When it comes to ATM security, installing high-tech security software and integrating the machine with smart locks are some of the options you probably have worked on. However, keep in mind that it’s important that the areas around the location where your ATM is placed should also be secured. In case you are wondering about the options, then installing a surveillance camera is the best option you should look for.
Not to forget, your ATM carries a bulk of cash, and thus muggers or robbers are tempted to strip off the machine and steal the money. It is no surprise that several cases of ATM theft have been reported in the U.S. over the last decade.

Considering that, it has become vital to install a surveillance camera in ATM locations. Note that, video surveillance will not only monitor the customers that are entering and exiting, but it also ensures that nobody attempts to rob your ATM device.

Benefits of ATM Surveillance

Well, the presence of surveillance cameras can improve the level of security and safety not only at the ATM location but also around the premises. Moreover, it will decrease the risk of users being threatened by robbers looking to mug their cash or swipe their cards.

It is essential to mention here that skimming includes the use of devices that record the information from magnetic stripe credit or debit cards. Installing an ATM security camera will help spot and prevent potential skimming activity at your location.

Furthermore, some robbers have been known to steal ATM pin codes by using micro cameras. If you install a proper, high-tech video surveillance camera, such as from MOBILEMONEY, it will detect the suspicious activity right away.

Not to mention, IP-based surveillance cameras will allow you to store and back-up the video footage on your server or hard drives. So, in case any suspicious activity is noticed or observed, it would be checked through the stored or saved footage. MOBILEMONEY’s video cameras allow more footage to be stored along with advanced searching capabilities that you will like.

Also, video surveillance systems provide you with visual evidence of criminal activity related to automated teller machines. Note that, digitally stored footage allows you to search for specific dates and times with ease, which make monitoring a painless and smooth process.

Also, if a robber or mugger manages to tamper with or vandalize a surveillance video camera, the signal for the video will be lost, and you will not be able to monitor your ATM. Therefore, proper lighting, along with physical security, should be present to fix the lost signal.

Now that you have come across plenty of reasons to install a surveillance camera, you also need to consider some more factors. For instance, if your cash machine operates 24/7, make sure there adequate physical security in the area. Moreover, position your surveillance camera at spots from where you can easily monitor your ATM.

The Bottom Line

While ATMs have made access to cash highly convenient and quick, ATM units are vulnerable to criminal activity, if not properly secured or protected. Considering that, using MOBILEMONEY’s video surveillance system that offers IP-based security cameras ensures that your ATM stays secured and protected at all times.

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