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Cencon & S&G Lock Upgrades

Cencon & S&G Lock Upgrades

In the past couple of years, security is one of the major concerns when it comes to ATM machines. Not to mention, today, automated teller machines require robust yet modern technological enhancements to prevent robbery or mugging.

That said, if you install an ATM device at your hotel, retail store, or casino, you need to secure the machine. Keep in mind that you not only bear financial losses due to incidents of theft, but these issues can impact your brand reputation drastically. The worst-case scenario is where an employee is responsible for the criminal act.

Of course, when any customer finds your store isn’t secure with making financial transactions, they are highly likely to leave your place and commute to a competitor. While there are several ways to secure your ATM machine, the best thing is to upgrade the integrated lock to prevent ATM theft.

Upgrading Your ATM Lock

Customers make cash withdrawals through ATM machine with their individual debit or credit cards and PINs. The service personnel, on the other hand, often use the same code. In other words, your IT experts, salespersons, repair personnel, and ATM manager, all use the same lock combination to unlock the ATM dispenser.

Not to forget, the cash machine usually carries hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore, you have to secure your ATM safe with a high-end lock. Speaking of electronic locks, most of them are effective in preventing thefts at retail stores by creating delays for thieves.

These time-delay locks enable ATM operators to put their cash machine maintenance keys that still offer security. You can set the ATM box to open with a time delay of 5 to 15 minutes.

However, with technological advancements, smarter lock systems are widely available. Believe it or not, these locks can more than prevent unauthorized access. These locks audit entries into the machine. For instance, the Cencon lock system offers three electronic locks that monitor and control a single mechanical lock.

Why Upgrading Your ATM Locks Is Essential

Considering this, the ultimate and the most reliable solution for upgrading your security system is a high-tech lock. However, use reputable ATM providers for this job, like MOBILEMONEY. Integrated with state-of-the-art security software, their lock provides you with simplified, streamlined, and high-security machine locks. Each transaction will require multiple verifications for access and work with unique user codes.

These locks operate in three modes: service, bank, and service + bank. Also, the machine features 16 programming codes, including two officer codes, four administration codes, and ten user codes. Besides, you get one program code, allowing you greater flexibility with the surety of theft prevention. Also, the key includes three audit trails, written by the lock (which audits the date and time of entry), and the third one created by the computer that runs Cencon software.

The code used by top maintenance people resets at the dispatcher. The machine issues the code to each person, allowing convenient access to a cash machine to perform any operation. Once the user completes the function, the lock creates a seal number, which reports back to the dispatcher. That said, the Cencon security system is one of the most popular lock systems nowadays.

The Bottom Line

So, if you want to improve your ATM security, upgrade your cash machine with MOBILMONEY’s Cencon security system. You can select from two models, with one designed for boltwork blocking apps and the other manufactured for direct boltwork attachment.


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