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ATM Machine Customizations - Level 1 Vault

ATM Machine Customizations - Level 1 Vault

As the latest ATMs are often integrated with robust security, you probably think that criminals can’t break or circumvent their security system. Unfortunately, it might surprise you that some robbers and hackers can still break into your cash machine, once they succeed in finding any loopholes in the security system of your cash device.

Well, we have already discussed some recent ATM robbery cases, which indicate that no matter how secure your ATM is, muggers will always strive to adopt different ways to steal the money from it.

Security departments and some ATM providers, like MOBILEMONEY, have been continuously working to improve the security systems of automated teller machines. For that, you probably have considered installing the latest software technology, sturdy physical locks, and other security enhancements to protect your ATM against criminal activity.

Well, besides these security measures, there are two types of security measures that you’ll find on most cash machines. These are Business Hours security vault and the 24 Hours Level security vault. Not to mention, both security systems offer different levels of protection.

The Difference between UL and CEN

Both organizations, CEN and UL, are responsible for designing and maintaining the security standards for the environmental and physical safety for all ATMs.

Underwriter Laboratories, or UL for short, is a safety consulting and certification company whereas the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) provides a standard platform for all National Standardization entities in European countries.

Not to mention, insurance underwriters and the public rely on these ratings to ensure whether the products operate as stated or not. Remember that UL291 is a set of standards for equipment, like cash recyclers and ATMs.
It’s important to mention here that cash recyclers are products that provide burglary protection in case of a failure of safes and locks. Therefore, cash recycler certified with CEN or UL clearly shows that it has been rigorously evaluated and checked against the standard and meet fire-resistance, theft-resistance, and other environmental requirements.

When it comes to UL291, it requires cash machines to meet a certain level of security and protection. Nevertheless, the ratings within the UL291 standards classify the ATM safes as Business Hours or 24-hour (Level 1) vault.

The Difference between Business Hours Safe UL 291 and a Level 1 Vault UL 291

When it comes to the difference between these two, the dominant feature that sets them apart is the thickness of steel and the weight of the cabinet used. Moreover, the capacity of UL 291 complements the security and the construction of a cash machine when operated.

Well, safes rated for business hours are designed to operate with supervision, whereas level 1 vault rating offers rigorous protection even when your ATM is not being monitored. Level 1 vault offers safes that have thicker metal, which means that they can withstand robbery attempts and physical heists.

While the UL security standard covers everything that UL includes, including break-in theft resistance and fire ratings, the UL security system especially the level 1 vault is the best option to ensure maximum protection against theft and robbery.


Bottom Line

If you already have an ATM installed at your place, make sure to upgrade it with level 1 vault UL 291. However, if you are planning to buy an automated teller machine for your business, ensure that it has UL or CEN label, as it will confirm that you are purchasing a product that has already met the security standards of UL or CEN.

If you still have any query, you can reach MOBILEMONEY; its team of experts will certainly guide you correctly so that you can make an appropriate decision regarding your ATM unit.


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