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Bill Presenter Upgrade

Bill Presenter Upgrade

Do you know that about a third of Americans visit an ATM once every week? Well, even after more than 50 years, automated teller machines continue to be a crucial self-service interaction between the credit unions or financial institutions and people looking to check their balance, withdraw cash, and deposit checks.

There is no doubt that today, people look for convenience, especially when it comes to making financial transactions. Also, they are highly unlikely to carry cash in their pockets due to safety reasons.

Hence, this is one of the reasons customers turn to ATMs to conduct transactions. However, since technology is evolving, customers are looking for a better ATM experience.

And, nothing is better than upgrading your ATM and adding different yet unique features to your ATM device. You probably have heard about installing a high-tech lock and changing your ATM skins; however, what about upgrading your bill collector?

Well, before delving into the details, it is extremely important for you to understand the bill collection system.

What is a Bill Collector?

Whether you have a full ATM kiosk or a countertop cash machine, the cash-dispensing system installed in your ATM electronically counts each bill as it dispenses. However, the bill count and all the details related to a specific transaction are recorded and stored in a journal.

Afterward, this journal information is usually printed out periodically. The hard copy is received, which is then maintained and kept by ATM operators for at least two years.

Well, this is very important because if a customer has any dispute about the processed transaction, they can ask for printed details to countercheck their transaction details and contact the ATM operator later on.

If customers find that there is no one at your store to provide them with the journal printout, they will notify the bank or financial institution that issues the credit or debit card to the user. Nevertheless, they will need to fill out the given form that will be faxed to the ATM operator as well.

Besides this, the cash-dispensing system in the latest ATMs also includes a sensor that detects the thickness of each bill. For instance, if two or more bills are stuck together, then rather than being dispensed to the customer, they are withheld. Also, the bills that are torn, folded, or worn out are also discarded by the machine.

Upgrading your Bill Presenter

While upgrading your ATMs is an incredible idea, adding some extra features to it will provide you with some more benefits. Furthermore, you will find several ATM brands that offer different features. However, one of the most amazing upgrading options that MOBILEMONEY provides is the bill presenter; it is an amazing cash dispensing mechanism.

Not to mention, this features is usually used in ATMs that are installed by banks; so, if you decide to install this feature, you’re likely to be one of the few ATM operators who are leveraging the incredible bill presenting cash dispensing system. Well, it dispenses the bills in a bundle for users; yet most retail cash machines only use a spray dispenser, which dispenses bills one by one.

The Bottom Line

Whether you have installed an ATM or are thinking to buy one, make sure that it includes all the latest features that not only increase foot traffic but also boost your revenue. Considering that, upgrading your cash machine is one of the best ways to enjoy plenty of benefits while having an ATM.
So, if you’re thinking about making an upgrade in your automated teller machine, nothing is better than installing bill presenter into it. However, if you have any query regarding this, you can get in touch with MOBILEMONEY’s team of tech experts. They will not only provide you with relevant information but also assist you in making the best decision.


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