Nautilus Hyosung

Nautilus Hyosung

While there is much buzz about installing an ATM at your business location, you would be wondering where to start. Moreover, you’re likely to find yourself confused when it comes to choosing the best ATM manufacturers. Keep it in mind that as a rule of thumb no matter which ATM brand you go for, make sure to purchase an ATM model that best suits your needs. 

Also, while choosing the brand, you need to ensure if the manufacturers have experience, professionalism, reliability, and flexibility to meet your needs. If you’re considering how to perform your research, MOBILEMONEY is here to help you. Since we already have discussed two popular ATM firms, Nautilus Hyosung is the next manufacturer we will explore.

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Nautilus Hyosung as the Top ATM Manufacturer

When it comes to ATM manufacturers, Nautilus Hyosung is one of the prominent names in the industry. They began to create ATMs for the U.S. retail industry in 1998, showing that they have years of experience in manufacturing cash machines. 

After establishing Nautilus Hyosung America in Dallas, they have sold more than 80,000 automated teller machines across North America. Hence, the company ranks on the top of the list of experienced ATM producers. 
You will be surprised to know that their ATM solutions are being utilized in all the 50 states of America. Not only this, many business owners, banks, and financial institutions in Mexico, Canada, and other regions across the U.S., use Nautilus Hyosung ATMs.

What makes them Different from other ATM Manufacturers?

All the ATM units that Nautilus Hyosung designs and manufactures offer maximum flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. Unlike their competitors, they integrate all the critical components into their ATMs, so that they facilitate their customers with several facilities. 

Using higher design standards, they enable operators to maintain, upgrade, and re-program their ATM devices quickly and conveniently. Moreover, their cash machines maintain the industry standards for value, ADA compliance, and Total Cost of Ownership. 

Among their product line, NH-2700 CE and NH-1800 SE provide high-end features that best fit most retail settings. In addition to that, these ATM models offer innovative options along with an excellent track record of maintaining reliability. 

Another series of Nautilus Hyosung ATMs, Monimax MX: 5000, offer best-in-class features, including large displays, improved security features, and fantastic options to operators to deliver advertising capabilities. 

With its customer-centric concepts and robust development model, Nautilus Hyosung ATM solutions try to deliver enhanced value, high reliability, and peak performance. Not to mention, their products reflect the three decades of research and struggle in developing rigorous and cutting-edge ATMs. 

Nautilus Hyosung is one of the leading providers of ATMs; it is the 3rd largest ATM deployer in America with more than 160,000 ATM installations all across retail and financial industries. 

Moreover, they believe in providing ATM solutions that help financial institutions, banks, and retail businesses meet their goals and objectives. All of their ATMs feature incredible options for bundle check deposit, deposit automation, and bundle note deposit functionality. 

Furthermore, they have categorized their product lines according to financial and retail ATMs; here is a list of ATMs they provide.  

Retail ATMs

• MX 2800SE
• MX 4000W
• MX5300SE
• MX 5300XP
• MX 5300 Series
• NH 2700CE
• MX 5200SE
• NH 2700T

Financial ATMs

• MX 5600
• MX 5600T
• MX 5100T
• MX 7600 Series
• MX 7600DR
• MX 7600T
• MX 7600I
• MX 7600FFL

Bottom Line

Whether you run a departmental store, coffee shop, or a hotel, if you are thinking about installing an ATM device at your business location, it’s in your best interest to look for professional help. In that case, MOBILEMONEY can assist you in choosing the right ATM model for you.