Hantle / Tranax

Hantle / Tranax

If you are in the retail industry and looking for ways to grow your business and boost revenues along with offering excellent customer experience, then you should consider installing an ATM at your retail store. 

In case you already have an ATM unit at your business location, it’s time to replace it with the latest ATM model that provides your customers with several facilities, including cash withdrawals, check deposits, online transaction, and much more. 

No doubt deploying an ATM can make a lot of a difference to your business. Note that, it is not an overstatement; we have already mentioned earlier the changing consumer behavior that can affect your business. 

Most Americans are likely to use an ATM instead of withdrawing cash from a bank. Therefore, it can be an excellent opportunity for your business to stand out in the corporate world. 

Nevertheless, buying an ATM for your retail business is an effective way to generate extra profits through additional foot traffic, surcharge fee, and other purchases. Not all businesses succeed in generating attractive amounts of profits through ATMs. The reason is perhaps their ATM doesn’t best fit their business needs.

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So, if you’re planning to install an ATM at your business location, make sure to determine if the vendor is trustworthy and reliable to guide you in choosing an ATM unit that best fits your business needs. 

Moreover, be sure to understand and comprehend the necessary technical knowledge required to operate a cash machine. When it comes to choosing a trustworthy and reliable ATM provider, Hantle ATMs comes at the top of the list. 

If you dig deeper into the history of the company, you will understand that Tranax Technologies Inc., which was the former distribution channel for Nautilus Hyosung, changed its company and the name of the product line it offers. 

Using the name of its parent company that is based in Korea, Tranax changed its name to Hantle USA, which intended to focus more on imaging ATMs for improved scanners. 

Now that you know a brief history of the company, you can agree that Hantle USA has years of experience in creating robust, advanced, and impeccable ATM models. That being said, if you are considering the range of products they offer, here we are listing down some of their ATMs with the top feature that each offers.


Hantle Retail ATMs


  • 1700W ATMs are integrated with the latest technologies and boast high-end features
  • C4000Pare considered the ‘best in class’ ATMs for retail stores
  • t4000 series provides high performance and economical through-the-wall ATM solution.
  • CRM4000 turns your earned coins into cash
  • Best Modules to Choose
  • When it comes to the types of cash note cassettes Hantle ATMs offer, then TCDU, SCDU, and MCDU are the modules integrated with their ATMs. Keep in mind that these cash note cassettes have different features, like size, robustness, capacity, and design, etc.

So, if you have made your mind to invest your money in purchasing one of the best Hantle ATMs, make sure to choose the one that contains a type of cash note cassette that best suits your needs.


The Bottom Line

Installing an ATM unit at your retail store, hotel lobby, or any business location can significantly improve the productivity and performance of your business in a plethora of ways. 

It not only helps boost your sales, attract and retain customers, but also yields you higher profits. Other than this, deploying Hantle ATMs will undoubtedly help you get an edge over your competitors. 

So, if you’re thinking about purchasing Hantle ATMs, look no further than MOBILEMONEY, as they will guide you better about which model best suits your business needs.