Genmega: The Most Flexible and Reliable ATMs

The benefits of installing an ATM at your business location can never be understated. From boosting your revenues to driving a large number of people to your store, placing an ATM can make your business successful in many ways. Not only this, by providing your customers with more convenience and ease of access to cash withdrawals, you can retain your customers easily. 

So, if you are thinking about installing an ATM at your business place, then it's crucial for you to do some research about the manufacturers, machines they offer, and the price they are selling or renting at. However, Genmega is an ideal ATM manufacturer that provides a wide variety of state-of-the-art ATMs. 

Established in 2006, Genmega has become one of the most popular Transactional Kiosk solutions and ATM providers. The company claims that they have deployed more than 150,000 ATM units throughout the world. Not to mention, all products are integrated with robust aesthetics and cutting-edge technology. 

All the ATMs Genmega offers have modern and attractive designs, which capture the attention of people at a first glimpse. Moreover, Genmega ATMs can easily be deployed at any business place; whether it is a compact space, hotel lobby, or a giant retail store.

Why Choose Genmega as your ATM Manufacturer?

Among all the ATM manufactures, Genmega is becoming popular due to its unique inventions of transactional kiosks and ATM devices. However, Genmega focuses on two major values; flexibility and reliability.

In other words, Genmega has been continuously striving to improve their ATMs in a way that they offer incredibly amazing features to both customers and ATM operators.


Whether you agree or not, flexibility is one of the topmost features that make an ATM convenient to use. By that we mean, an ATM device should be integrated with the latest technology to offer maximum convenience to customers. 

Considering that, Genmega's products are usually developed with the input of their customers and sometimes with their direct collaboration. They encourage ideas from their customers and try their best to integrate those ideas along with the latest software. Not to mention, this practice develops consumers' trust and makes Genmega a valuable partner.


No doubt investing in an ATM machine requires you to pay a hefty amount. Therefore, it's highly essential for you to ensure that the ATM manufacturer you are buying from has a reputable position in the market. Moreover, they have more positive reviews from their previous customers. 

When it comes to Genmega, the company believes in providing its customers with well-secured ATMs, with no risk of theft or mugging. With thousands of automated teller machines deployed all around the world, Genmega knows how reliable equipment is vital to operate your business.

Genmega ATM Machines

Now that you know the core values of Genmega, which also make it an ideal ATM provider, you would be curious about a wide variety of machines they offer. 

Well, if that's the case, keep in mind that the list is long! However, we are listing down their ATM series that will give you an idea about their range. 

• G2500 ATM Machines
• G2500P Portable Cash Machines
• GT3000 ATM Units
• GT5000 ATM Devices
• Onyx Series
• Onyx-P ATM Machine
• Onyx-W ATM Solution
• Onyx-W 2K ATM
• C6000 Portable Cash Unit
• C6000P ATM
• G6000 Series
• GK1000 Series
• Universal Kiosk

The Bottom Line

When it comes to installing an ATM, make sure to go for the most reliable ATM manufacturer. In that case, no vendor can guide you better than MOBILEMONEY. Having in-depth industry knowledge, they can help you make the decision that best suits your needs.