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Genmega VS Hyosung

Genmega VS Hyosung

Are you trying to decide whether you want to purchase a Genmega or a Hyosung ATM? While you can go out and research all your options, that can take a lot of time and effort that you may not have. Instead of leaving you to choose and buy an ATM online on your own, we wanted to make the process easier for you. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know which ATM is the best option for taking mobile payments at your place of business. 

Genmega Logo  VS Hyosung Logo

Rather than talking about every ATM by Genmega and Hyosung, we’re going to focus on two specific machines that are popular on the market right now. These include the Genmega Onyx device and the Hyosung Halo II machine. Both of these machines have a lot in common, but that doesn’t mean you should flip a coin to decide which one is ideal for your needs.


ATM Specifications



Genmega Onyx

Hyosung Halo II


56.4 Inches

51.9 Inches


15.8 Inches

15.7 Inches


22.3 Inches

23.4 Inches


223 Pounds

265 Pounds


What to Expect from the Genmega Onyx ATM

The Genmega Onyx ATM is one of the most popular series of ATMs from the manufacturer and for a good reason. These devices offer a modern and up-to-date look along with a robust set of features and some of the top ATM technology available on the market. They can fit into places like upscale clubs and hotels or work well in places like gas stations or retail stores. No matter where it is placed, it will stand out while offering a financial look that encourages customers to make transactions like mobile payments. 

This ATM comes standard with a 10.2-inch widescreen, which is reasonably large for the standard machine. You can even upgrade that to a 12-inch screen if you want a more impressive touchscreen to draw in customers. This device also features a touch keypad and a reflective security front that shows how much work has gone into the machine.

Beyond that, the Onyx has a tough exterior with a sturdy cabinet to ensure it is durable enough to place in any location you like. Another optional upgrade available is a three-inch printer. If you choose to add this to your machine, you can include coupons and graphics to the receipts, which is another convenience factor for your customers. 

The Genmega Onyx offers a selection of cassette options and even has a presenter option, making it a flexible choice for any business. It supports all of the Genmega CDUs as well as many from other manufacturers. That means you have a wide variety of dispenser options so you can tailor the ATM to the location it will be placed.

What the Hyosung Halo II Has to Offer Your Business 

On the other hand, the Hyosung Halo II offers a great deal of value when it comes to retail ATMs on the market today. It comes with a selection of security features for peace of mind and comes at a reasonable price point for those on a budget. This ATM is part of the Hyosung retail family and offers an improved UL 291 business hours safe that includes a PCI 3.0 compliant keypad, extra break-in protection, and an EMV card reader. All communications through the machine are secured through TLS transmission encryption.

Another thing that sets this machine apart is that it is straightforward to use by customers and just as simple to service by you or your employees. It uses Nautilus Hyosung modular component architecture that is designed to offer quick ATM maintenance, a high level of reliability, and the top accessibility. 

When customers use the Halo II from Hyosung, it offers the manufacturer’s enhanced retail application. That means your customers can create extra revenue from transactions like the lottery, donations, surcharge segmentation, and Dynamic Currency Conversion. If you choose to purchase an optional NFC device, it also supports cardless cash withdrawals. This is a significant benefit for customers who are transitioning to stopping the use of cards. 

Making a Choice to Buy an ATM Online

At this point, you may already realize that one of these ATMs will fit your needs better than the others. Keep in mind that both of these machines have many excellent features and can draw in customers who may want to do business with you. However, when you buy an ATM online, you do want to be sure it meets your specific needs.

If you want a high-tech option with innovative features, you might think the Genmega is the better option. If you prefer something low-key with lots of security features, the Hyosung machine may be the better choice. No matter what you decide, MOBILEMONEY has the options you want. We can help you get yourself set up with the ATM that is perfect for you.


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